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  • JamesB JamesB Mar 3, 2013 19:45 Flag

    Park your Tents here....

    We have the stadium, we have the manager(the Arabs confirm that), and we have the support(including celebrities) clubs like Tottenham would die for, and 1.5 billion would really do some damage to clubs in the PL and Europe. Just my honest opinion about how far forward the Arabs are thinking. Arsenal is the only club with the kind of world wide clout that can really put a dent in Man City Utd. Barca, R Madrid etc. I know that, as well as the Arabs. The real bonus is we dont have to qualify for the CL this season either. They (the Arabs) make that pretty clear, coming out this early with their intended bid. And dont tell me Kronky want take it and run, because you wouldn't be living in the real world. This has been coming for a while now, and I truly believe AW's approach to spending would change overnight. After making do and getting by with this bunch, just think what he could do with the kind of players he would be able to have around him. And he gets to keep the boys he truly believes in. Its a win win situation.

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    • "The real bonus is we dont have to qualify for the CL this season either" - yes you do otherwise you won't attract the players unless you pay them a fortune and then get mercenaries playing for the wrong reason.

      "I truly believe AW's approach to spending would change overnight" - no it won't. He doesn't know how to spend.He's had the chance but still prefers his car boot sale players rather than buy the top class players.

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      • Excuse me Eric Cantona, but you dont have to use inverted commas for everything you answer, do yo? If so you are lacking in the correct ways of answering what was just a general piece of banter. If you do not have the abiility to answer someone in a more intelligent way, please dont bother with my posts. You completely miss the whole point of my post, with your need to put in your own unintelligent, and unfunny opinions. I must say though, the parrot picture suits you very well. And I think I already have an idea of who you think you support, with that name. He went out of fashion with the Ark.