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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Mar 7, 2013 15:19 Flag

    Hamstring & Robbed by a Robbing Basterd

    I think you'll find I did answer your post but you chose to ignore me. Also, this is the first time you've mentioned his failure to score in 8 games, although he has provided 3 or 4 assists in those games.

    BTW, Gillian, for you, that was not a bad attempt at mastering the English language.

    • Yes!! Eric I'm here. Has Jimmy got you in knots. Looks very much like it. You never could tell me from dodge, or nabby adams, or one or two others. Come to that you never cease to confound yourself with so many meaningless posts, that have the guile and writing dexterity, of dummy sucking three year old. But you are entertaining though.