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  • JamesB JamesB Mar 7, 2013 14:37 Flag

    Hamstring & Robbed by a Robbing Basterd


    Seems strange that when I mentioned Vain Persy's inability to gather the ball in and score(as he should have done on more than one or two occassions in the 1st and 2nd legs)the #$%$ off Manc supporters chose to ignore that piece, and concentrate(demonstrate) their stupidity on something that had nothing to do with my post. They also chose to ignore the fact that old 'Hamstrung Robin' has failed to score in the last eight games, and as such, is now seen constantly grabbing the back of his leg(much as he did at Arsenal) when things weren't going so good. Anyone notice that? And old #$%$ Fergie is playing a dangerous game with Rooney I think. And please, halfwits, when replying, do try to use the correct syntax. Its painful having to read meaningless scribble, completely in disarray.

    This topic is deleted.
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