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  • Layla Layla Mar 9, 2013 17:01 Flag

    AVB on Bale:-

    I disagree. id say plotting to blow up bombs in city centres is far more than just contemplating it!

    deliberately getting a booking to get a ban out of the way is a minor thing.
    so if u are going to compare it to crimes, it has to be much smaller crime than a major bombing plot.

    so its more like saying i would have thrown the litter on the ground if id known such & such had happened.
    i don't think there are many people convicted for that john boy!

    are u saying there's no difference between me saying i would have blown up a city centre had they know such & such would have happened.
    & someone making actually putting in plans & making arrangements to blow up a city centre & still planning to do it?

    also avb was talking about something he would have done, not what he is planning to do.

    its like saying i would have plotted to blow up a city ctr if id known such & such had happened.

    compared to someone saying I'm going to blow up the city ctr.

    but as mentioned earlier, when i said "u cant punish people for crimes they contemplated doing but didn't."
    the type of crime i was talking about is 1 of the same minor level as AVBs.
    i should have been more clearer, its just i assume as we were talking about a minor offence, u wouldn't compare it to major crimes like blowing up city centres!

    ps. & stop throwing bananas at bale.