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  • im not talking to someone who pretends to be a utd fan.

    I mean which genuine true utd fan uses cockney rhyming slang!

    they sing abusive songs at OT about cockneys. & there's u using cockney rhyming slang.
    its laughable!

    I'll leave u to pretend u are a real utd fan. it fools nobody!

    • Can't reply directly to your last idiotic posting because Yahoo! limits you. I do see, however, that your logic defies logic yet again.

      So we sing songs about City; does that mean I can't associate with relations or friends that support City?

      I suppose I'd better not use words like abseil or blitz or rucksack as you'd then accuse me of being German.

    • "I mean which genuine true utd fan uses cockney rhyming slang!"

      Plenty of them, or are you stupid enough to say that only people born in Tottenham are true Spurs supporters?

      And 'Jamie' is not rhyming slang, you're getting confused with James Hunt, which, in your case, is easy to see why!

    • Dear me Jamie, you do seem to revel in being stupid, but I suspect it comes quite easily to you.

      BTW, not all rhyming slang is cockney, but don't worry your empty head over that.

      Carry on buying those Fair Trade bananas; I'm sure it makes you feel worthwhile.