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  • Layla Layla Mar 8, 2013 20:23 Flag

    AVB on Bale:-

    "BTW, not all rhyming slang is cockney,"

    I didn't say it was. but don't worry your empty head with facts.

    also, jamie is cockney rhyming slang that did originate in London & is used much more down south than up north.

    "Carry on buying those Fair Trade bananas; I'm sure it makes you feel worthwhile."

    yes, u have said that line before, no one found it clever or funny then either.

    carry on being the only "real" utd supporter saying cockney rhyming slang.

    enjoy the Chelsea game. 1000s of utd fans singing abusive songs about Londoners. & then theres u using cockney rhyming slang on your own!

    rather than admit your whopper, which for strange psychological issues u can't, u try and make out Jamie isn't cockney rhyming slang or predominately rhyming slang used in London & the south.

    im sorry but it is. will u accept this & move on? of course not. u can't handle admitting when you have made a mistake!

    good luck selling your jellied eels outside OT.