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  • It's a shame that arsenal are out of the UCL,after a great performance against the Germans. I wonder why they didn't play like this against Bayern at home. Or Blackburn.In fact I believe that arsenal have got the players that are capable of winning trophies, but they just don't turn up some times. A perfect example would be arsenal vs manutd away last season,we got beaten 8-2, then this season, we played them and only lost 2-1. We then played Bayern at home and we were out played by them, and lost 3-1,yet we go to there place and not only win, but also out play them. Plus we also kept a clean sheet with floppy in Gk. I mean what is going on. I am lost for words. If we look back at the past couples of seasons that have gone by, you will see that arsenal had a number of Opportunities to win sliver ware yet for some reason under pressure they always crack and blow it away.

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