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  • John John Mar 16, 2013 12:54 Flag


    Well Timi, I was merely pointing to an article I had read about one player who seems not to have settled well in the EPL.

    I think we all hoped that Per would solve our problems with defending set pieces, which we have been shocking at for years now. Unfortunately, I have noticed along with a few others, that he doesn't have any pace. That's OK if you have vision like Tony Adams had. When Michu chips that ball over your head and runs around you to score though, it does hurt a bit.

    Personally I like Mertesacker and he does a decent job 90% of the time. Perhaps AW thinks that 10% mistake rate is too high for a defender he paid £8m for.....Then again if that is the case, how can he justify trying to sell for £12m?

    If he plays today, I would expect him to not make the same mistakes he did last time.

    I agree that the failure of the team cannot be pinned on one player. However when a business fails, it's usually the person running it that gets the blame. However some fans still think our failure is down to the other teams in the league, not us.

    Very strange.