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  • John John Mar 16, 2013 13:06 Flag

    Somebody has lost the plot surely.

    "The Daily Mail predicts high-profile sales of some of the team’s underachievers, with captain Thomas Vermaelen and goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny facing the Emirates exit.
    Arsene Wenger has lost patience with members of his squad, and could make an example of two first-team players."


    Either the Daily Mail reporter is a complete moron (not beyond the realms of possibility), or Wenger is a couple of spanners short of a toolbox.

    There is a list as long as my arm of players we SHOULD be selling. Vermaelen and Szczesny are NOT on it!

    Santos / Chamakh / Gervinho / Diaby / Ramsey / Arshavin / Rosicky / Fabianski.

    Give the Captains armband to Arteta. Gallas improved once he lost it. I reckon Vermaelen could easily get back to his best (as long as he doesn't spend anymore time in the LB position).

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    • Wenger lost the plot a fair while ago, but in this instance it must be said that the Daily Mail sports writers are awful, the whole paper is just tabloid trash.

    • They got one part of it right, there has to be a shake up and getting rid of fringe players is a must.
      Tabloid garbage as usual but if they were right it would kick a few players up the #$%$.

    • Agree that we have bigger problems that the big Pole (although he should not be 1st team) and Vermealen.

      For the moment I like Rosicky. He is not a world class player but one of the few players who can fill in for Cazorla or Ramsey in terms of creativity and distribution. A good player to have give valuable minutes of rest to Cazorla and or Wilshire.

      I would not be surprised of next year this time (or sooner) Cazorla will be burned out. He gets too many minutes IMO.