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  • Jacks Jacks Mar 17, 2013 17:14 Flag

    Berbatov and Chips anyone?

    You wouldn't have happened to see a few Spurs fans staggering around London, mumbling something about 'come on you spuurrsss'. would you, rolling into pubs gurgling 'gimme a Berbbaatoff barman, and make that a large one' ...OMG! the hot breath of The Gunners on their backs, and feeling the size 12 of Wenger up their #$%$ to make way for his team...I can only imagine with pleasure, the face of Erik the #$%$, gagging all over floor...spewing his poor little heart up, and wanting Rikki the ponce to pat him on the back and reassure him that ' its just a bad nightmare Erik, you'll wake up soon'......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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