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  • I guess I'm very different to most raider. id rather win silverware than finish top 4 or ahead of u goons.
    but I know financially that is a stupid thing to say. its better for spurs to finish top 4 than win the Europa league for example.
    I think it kind of sums up everything that's wrong with modern day football.
    its better to finish 4 than win the FA, league or Europa cup.

    it seems silly to me that both spurs & celebrate getting in to the CL when neither have any real hope of winning it.
    which just highlights its all about money!

    I agree its inevitable that u will finish ahead of us. but the amount of arsenal fans boasting about it or celebrating it is odd for something that is as inevitable as u say.

    maybe its just my bad memory. But when u were challenging for titles most goons didn't seem that concerned or interested in the fact u finished ahead of spurs. they didn't really boast or talk about it much as u had much bigger fish to fry. we seem to be the fish u fry now. which kind of highlights your decline.