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    Season Targets

    How our goals have changed since the season started

    1. Premier League X
    2. Champions League X
    3. 2nd PL X
    4. 3rd PL
    5. 4th PL
    6. Finish ahead of Spurs
    7. F.A Cup X
    8. League Cup X
    9. 5th PL
    10. 6th PL

    Some of our goals have now changed due to being #$%$ at key points in the season, but we still have a chance of making 4th and even 3rd if we're lucky.

    Some will view my preference totally different as winning a trophy from a cup comp is more important then being in the CL or finishing ahead of Spurs. (I understand this, but it's just not my preference).

    What ever your goal is as a supporter you will all agree that the top 3 targets should be the minimum we achieve and not settle for anything else.

    I just hope 2013/14 see's a different attitude from the board and Mr Wenger.

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    • Thought this might cheer you up---Wenger email to all club supporters.

      Dear Arsenal supporter,

      The attitude of the players was outstanding at Swansea on Saturday.

      We knew before the game what was expected, and we gave absolutely everything until the end. We dug in even when the legs were heavy and overall I am very pleased with the spirit and solidarity we have shown.

      I have had some great teams down the years but for any team to go to Bayern Munich and Swansea and win 2-0 both times within four days… it needs something special.

      Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was unlucky to hit the bar twice on Saturday but as a team we kept trying. You cannot convert every chance into a goal and Swansea defended well. It was a game of defensive stability and we just needed an opening somewhere.

      In the end the crucial first goal came from Nacho Monreal - his first for the Club. It was a big moment for him and I am glad he has settled so quickly in English football.

      We have three more points towards our goal of finishing in the top four and we will know the importance of Saturday's result at the end of the season. We are in a situation where we cannot drop points but we have shown we are up for a fight.

      You could see in the goal celebrations and post-match celebrations how much solidarity there is in the squad. I think the win in Germany transformed the belief of the team a little bit.

      Everton and Chelsea won but Liverpool and Tottenham lost so it was a good weekend for us in terms of strengthening our position. We are under pressure but we have been in this situation before and we know what is expected.

      We have a break now for international matches and then we will prepare to face Reading at Emirates Stadium. They are fighting to avoid relegation so we must expect another tough game and be at our best.

      Arsene Wenger