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  • JamesB JamesB Mar 20, 2013 21:50 Flag

    Merts. Re. Booted

    And I may add that if you were not so bloody rude, I might have done. John #$%$

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    • But it's OK for you to name-call is it, Jimmy #$%$?

      Yours is a standard answer for someone who's been found out. You failed to note that I posted the source of the info. There was nothing wrong with what I wrote. I didn't say we should sell Mertesacker. I didn't comment on his recent performances. I made reference to one bad performance against Swansea and hoped that he didn't repeat it (if he played).

      You're no better than others on here who have gone into hiding behind new ID's.

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      • I take it that you are an Arsenal supporter John? Only you sound like a bit of a twerp to me. Don't reply if you have nothing but illiterate nonsense to say. Do you have anything to hide from yourself John, because I certainly do not? Shouldnt you be at work anyway, or are you jobless with nothing else to do but write rubbish on here? Also for the 'hidden' away, anyone who calls himself 'butt ugly' has to be a troll, or needs to be sectioned. Thats a 'goodbye' BTW.