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  • Jacks Jacks Apr 4, 2013 23:15 Flag

    4 To go this Summer

    John The Baptist, Rikki The Tea leaf, Erica The Cuntona, and finally Prunella The Poof. Lets be shot of these A holes, and start a new season without their bull muddying the waters of common sense. So says Bollocky Bill, the sage of Seven Sisters........Oh BTW! we're going well aren't we. 2 points of Tottering Totts, and a game in hand. Well now, that should shut ranting Raider and Dry Martini up for the rest of the season.

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    • Typical Jack #$%$ message, that seems to ba about all you contribute Jack-#$%$.

    • Brilliant post, Jack.

      5 star.

    • I didn't realise sitting 5th behind the spuds and Chelski was considered an achievement or a goal.
      Yes, catching up these clubs is now our main objective but the comments made by most people on here all agree that we should never be in this spot in the first place and aiming higher.

      If the club didn't have the financial clout to compete then no one would be talking about under achieving, but this isn't the case.

      Everytime someone posts an article or makes an opinion known you seem to bad mouth them down.

      The modern gooner!!!!! God fricking help us all.

    • the reason people will leave is because they are fed up with your continual shyte and your obsession with other posters - you along with pixie and slayer and her 1001 ids have caused the board to become a kids playground

      you do every one a favour and clear off gilly

      call yourself a gooner - you don't even know the position of your club - you are 4 points behind spurs with a game in hand


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      • You're quite a simpleton aren't you Willy Boy. First time up its " I'm new on here, and live out of London. But I am hoping to move in closer, soon." Then its " I'm 'coming out' of Cockfosters, so I'll see you there John" Well, I don't know what others make of that, but we certainly have an insight into how you work. Continually getting it wrong, and answering post like that "Kids playground"!! What is that suppose to mean?? Or are you familiar with them? I suggest that in the interest of self preservation, you think again before posting on here. You sound like a bit of a 'Gilly' yourself. Whoever you are Willy "Guy" I don't give a rats #$%$. But since you ('come out') of Cockfosters, don't advertise your name as you come through Finsbury Park. And apologise to Jack S while you're about it.

    • Think again Ducati. I've just been too busy to waste any time on the likes of you.