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  • JamesB JamesB Apr 6, 2013 19:46 Flag

    4 To go this Summer

    You're quite a simpleton aren't you Willy Boy. First time up its " I'm new on here, and live out of London. But I am hoping to move in closer, soon." Then its " I'm 'coming out' of Cockfosters, so I'll see you there John" Well, I don't know what others make of that, but we certainly have an insight into how you work. Continually getting it wrong, and answering post like that "Kids playground"!! What is that suppose to mean?? Or are you familiar with them? I suggest that in the interest of self preservation, you think again before posting on here. You sound like a bit of a 'Gilly' yourself. Whoever you are Willy "Guy" I don't give a rats #$%$. But since you ('come out') of Cockfosters, don't advertise your name as you come through Finsbury Park. And apologise to Jack S while you're about it.

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    • gilly/jimmy/jack s/various other ids - I don't have a clue what you are on about - all this cockfosters stuff - has the booze finally pickled that brain cell of yours?

      try this simple bit of maths - 57 minus 53 = what? and the answer is not 2 as some simpleton thought it was


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      • I think I know what he's talking about, William Guy, and I think, so do you. I mean its pretty obvious, when you keep going on about him. You surely don't think its always going to be one way traffic? You were always having a shot at Dodge, and answering along with John, most times( and nothing but tepid immaterial stuff from you). You can deny all you like, but I distinctly remember you coming on here and saying exactly as he stated. He's obviously got a good memory, (for one who you like to slag off as a boozer) and you my friend, do not. Or at least that's what you pretend. And I find it hard to believe, that you follow suit, with such as Butch, a well known troll on these boards, with something called hic! which I suppose is meant to be funny, but isn't. And you and the other dysfunctional John, wonder why he keeps replying to you as he does. You have to be thick not to see that.. When Dodge wrote about football before you lot upset him, he knew a damn lot more about Arsenal than either of you, or most on here. That I do know. So just #$%$ for a while and see what comes of it. To my memory Gillian happens to be the name of his wife. So why do you keep on calling him 'Gilly'? Is it some kind of thrill, and that you think you hurt him(like some trolls would do?) by using it. Its insulting, and you really are acting like children, and you need to grow up. Or grow some.