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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 9, 2013 13:06 Flag

    The Real Manchester 'City'

    At the moment I think it is safe to say he sold him at the absolute worst time and handed what is supposed to be a major competitor the PL title by selling him to Man U and I would argue that RVP won Man U the title so as far as business acumen goes I am sure some PR and Accountants can show that investing 20some million to win the PL is a good investment. Could we invest 25 and win the PL any time soon?

    What would amuse me more is if Wenger could find a 15 goal striker for us. If we had replaced RVP with a decent striker we would not be fighting for a CL spot right now but we would be comfortably in 3rd or even 2nd.

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    • Ah! But, we did spend that much and more in total in Giroud, Podolski, Monreal and Carzola in the last year, and we are still sweating profusely for a top 4 place. Giroud can get us 15 goals a season, I think.

      In my opinion, it is our defence that is the real problem. I would argue that, with our defence sorted out, we would have been comfortably sitting in 2nd or 3rd and practically assured of a top 4 finish by now. You need only look at the youth team to see that.

      In the NextGen series in Europe, the way we conceded the goals, for example, against Chelsea in the semi, and the latest one against Liverpool a few days ago. They just did not seem to know how to defend! Every one of those goals conceded were not because of the brilliance of the opposition, but our atrocious defending. It is no surprise our first team results have improved recently after the whole defence sat down to discuss what their individual responsibilities were. This shows that they had not done so previously. So, what have the defence coaches been doing? They are not doing their jobs!

      On another note, I think our ladies team members can strike a ball better than half our male 1st team.

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      • I agree our defending is poor and I have a feeling Bould might not be allowed to do what he would like to do with the defenders. Having said that there are only 3 teams that have allowed fewer goals than us, we have allowed 34, Chelsea and Man U have allowed 1 less at 33 and City has allowed 27. So as poor as our defending might be in terms of goals allowed we are 1 goal away of the second best defense (in terms of goals allowed).