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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 9, 2013 12:11 Flag

    The Real Manchester 'City'

    It baffles me what the interest is in slacking of an ex AFC players who gave the best years of his career to AFC. Like many before him he was told a story about winning trophies and he listened and he stayed... until he realized that at 29 he would have been a donkey listening to the #$%$ the club tried to sell him about their commitment to winning trophies. He had no choice if he ever wanted to win a major trophy again. He single-handedly kept us in the top 4 last season and he was the major contributor to Man U securing the title weeks ago.

    Perhaps it is as a result of the poor managers at Chelsea (whom I believe have the best squad in the PL) and City, that Man U secured the title so early in the season and for us, as neutral fans who no longer have a horse in the race, it is a shame the title race has been decided, but to slack of RVP only makes us look small particularly since he reached his well deserved goal of winning a major trophy in his first year away from Arsenal like so many of our best players who left.

    Personally I like the fact that United needed to buy our best to win the PL without much contest. How many more years will we produce players that interest the best clubs? Wilshire might be the last of those.

    • I personally have no problem with VP leaving. I think considering his age and aims he was right to do so. It was also fair for Wenger to sell him to Utd. He could have forced VP to go overseas but when Utd came sniffing Im pretty convinced Wenger bowed to VP's wishes reluctantly but without any malice and took VP's decision on the chin like the gentleman his is. VP has made a big impact for Utd this season (even if his form is currently suffereing) and yes I reckon Utd will think buying him and winning the league has made a 24mill outlay worth every penny. But Wenger I reckon has bought a 15 goal a season striker in Giroud. He has scored more than that already this season but I assume you mean 15 a season in the league? Im pretty convinced he can do that next season, problem is to win the league really you need a 20+ per season striker. Giroud gets dissed because we sold VP and bought him yet its not a fair comparison. Giroud I reckon is a vast improvement on Bendtner (who we all know has his days numbered at arsenal) A more consistent and deadly striker is still needed. Fingers crossed Wenger can find a 20+ goal a season guy for next season.