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  • Radge2def Radge2def Apr 9, 2013 16:19 Flag

    The Real Manchester 'City'

    Fair enough, but as much as it might keep players it could work the other way and you could find it hard to attract players too due to your renowned nasty attitude? Not to mention keeping players against their will is 100% shooting yourself in the foot. It does you no favours and does them no favours. It basically turns into an act of spite on behalf of the manager/Chairman/Owner which acting out of spite for me is something I absolutely detest in certain people and I am very happy our manager is not someone who holds grudges and acts in a spiteful way.

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    • 100% on board with acting out of spite being something no longer a match of this day and age where we as humanity are continuing to move towards a more tolerant way of bieng and thus a higher state of consciousness. However, as with all things, there should be a balance, and when a player signs a contract why should he not stick to the terms?