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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 12, 2013 08:40 Flag

    Is this a solution for us in goal?

    Which would your 3 others be?

    • Well I dont have a problem with the idea of Cesar. He has been good and has settled in England which I think is a HUGE bonus. Wenger rarely buys from within the EPL and the lack of experience for the game here I believe holds our new players back while they settle and adapt. I suppose Cesar's price would be the real deal maker though. However my preferences would be leaning towards Begovic, Vorm and Reina. All three have been here longer than a season and all 3 have been damn good for more than a season. Reina might be a bit iffy due to his lack of form this season but thats a mentality thing more than an ability thing. Maybe all he needs is a change and a new challenge? Between Cesar and Reina would be a 50/50 toss up for me. Outside of the EPl my preferences would be Stekelenberg or Valdes.