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  • Radge2def Radge2def Apr 12, 2013 09:25 Flag

    Is this a solution for us in goal?

    Well I dont have a problem with the idea of Cesar. He has been good and has settled in England which I think is a HUGE bonus. Wenger rarely buys from within the EPL and the lack of experience for the game here I believe holds our new players back while they settle and adapt. I suppose Cesar's price would be the real deal maker though. However my preferences would be leaning towards Begovic, Vorm and Reina. All three have been here longer than a season and all 3 have been damn good for more than a season. Reina might be a bit iffy due to his lack of form this season but thats a mentality thing more than an ability thing. Maybe all he needs is a change and a new challenge? Between Cesar and Reina would be a 50/50 toss up for me. Outside of the EPl my preferences would be Stekelenberg or Valdes.

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    • I know what you mean about Reina, it's hard to know what is going on with him. Some keepers age well (Seaman, Van der Sar) and some seem to fall a bit faster as they get older. I like Vorm but thought he might block the current crop for many years (3-5?) and assumed that Wenger would not like that. I would not care.

      Have not seen too much of Begovic but people seem to rate him.

      As long as we get a safer pair of hands in goal that we have currently available I will be happy. Fabianski is on a little streak though so lets hope that keeps going.

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      • Yeh Im convinced Wenger keeps things fair for his players as best as possible. Everyone in the 25 man squad will be given a chance to cement their place in the 1st 11 during the course of a season. Flappy and Mannone I think should probably leave. although given 1st team opps neither of them have cemented it. Plus Mannone is the same age as Szcz yet 3rd choice! Szcz would almost certainly become No2 if Wenger bought any of the keepers I mentioned, but he would still get regular run outs in the FA and League cups, and at 22 he is actually pretty lucky to have had a proper 1st team opportunity. Buying and older keeper would probably help Szsz's head as he could see a future. But then again the bottom line is we need a keeper who will consistently provide the saves needed.