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  • JamesB JamesB Apr 13, 2013 20:19 Flag

    Butch Layed(bare)

    "I bet you even believe all these different IDs aren't you, and you think we don't know."????
    Do you actually speak English Mongrel(sorry Mongie)???
    And here is another

    "There's only one reason you'd write, "To my memory Gillian happens to be the name of his wife. So why do you keep on calling him 'Gilly'?" .... and that's because it #$%$ you right off!

    #$%$ does that mean?? Are you dyslexic, or is your English so appalling, living out in the Colonies. How's the Pom Gillard handling aussie 'MEN' like you bunch of Sheila's.?? AHHHHH! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha! oh Christ I've filled me pants laughing.....