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  • Everton are not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.

    Moyes has them playing very well. There last league defeat was back in Feb and they are going for a CL spot in the prem.

    Perhaps the biggest saving grace is that we are at home. Everton do not have a good record at ours.

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    • Govinda...last game it was Gerv on the right and Caz on the left...as wide men? Ramsey played deep alongside Arteta. Wilshere was his No10 role??
      I would rather see Ox played over Gerv myself. The kid deserves a start after his impact on Saturday, Gerv was one on one and had the touch of a baby elephant to screw the chance. I want Giroud centre but mainly because he is in my Fantasy team, however I think it is about time Podolski got a taste of his preferred position as a CF.
      This game is gonna be nuggets. Our display against Norwich tells you that much. I'll bet it'll be a one goal diff come 90mins.

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      • On paper Cazorla on the left is a joke. He is not a wide player and in practice drifts inwards all the time. I agree 100% that it would be nice to see Ox get a chance and, although Gervinho is my 4th choice on the wings, I still prefer him there that a Cazorla or Ramsey who also has been employed on the wings. If we only play with one true winger we are too predictable.

        Podolski as a CF would be worth a try.

        Every game is the biggest of the season for us at the moment, but a win against Everton would be a massive blow to Spurs and Chelsea.

        I pray...