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  • On paper Cazorla on the left is a joke. He is not a wide player and in practice drifts inwards all the time. I agree 100% that it would be nice to see Ox get a chance and, although Gervinho is my 4th choice on the wings, I still prefer him there that a Cazorla or Ramsey who also has been employed on the wings. If we only play with one true winger we are too predictable.

    Podolski as a CF would be worth a try.

    Every game is the biggest of the season for us at the moment, but a win against Everton would be a massive blow to Spurs and Chelsea.

    I pray...

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    • Podolski probably a better finisher that Giroud and maybe also has more of the selfishness of a true striker.

    • For me I think Podolski is our only real option as a left winger seeing as he has played that position alot in various teams and because he is left footed however he lacks pace that you want from a winger. Cazorla being 2 footed I think is our next best option. He did play alot on the right wing for Malaga aswell as inside. Why Walcott and Gerv cannot play left is beyond me? Robben and A.Johnson (2 examples) are lefty's but play their best on the right!? cutting in on your stronger foot to shoot i would have thought to be a benefit not something to avoid? Especially when it comes to Walcott who has aspirations of being a CF. Henry even when he was our CF still sprinted and started his runs out left cutting in to finish the job. Why cant Walcott do that? Our problem does lie in Wenger never having bought a proper left winger in donkeys! I would like to see Pod and Giroud as our CF combo and/or depth options we can get Walcott or Ox to back them up if one is injured. Walcott and Ox should be the depth and options on the RW. Caz and Wilshere being our No10 depth and options, then add 1 proper preferred left winger and we would have strangth and depth up front in all positions!! Rosicky and Gerv could help pick up the pieces due to injuries. Speaking of a proper left winger what is Jovetic? I know he plays right across the front line but no doubt he will have a preferred position? What footed is he? Could he be the answer? However im probably wishfully thinking that Wenger would pay such money for him.