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  • I think we might have gotten our tactics wrong. As soon as we brought on Ox and Pod we started to look dangerous.

    I read an article earlier yesterday showing that we have worse record with than without Wilshire. Last weekend we clearly were better without him but that might be because it was his first game back after a longer layoff. No doubt yesterday we played our best football the final 20 minutes without Wilshire but that might have been because of the addition of Pod and OX not necessarily because of the absence of Wilshire.

    I do think Wenger has yet to discover how to deploy Wilshire and Cazorla inthe same starting 11. For the moment his solution seems to be to play with 5 midfielders and only one wide player, Theo yesterday and Gervinho last weekend. The reason we don't start with Theo and Pod, or Ox and Pod, I can only presume is that Wenger things we need an extra engine in Ramsey to make this work. Our current streak shows that we don't create a lot of goals with one real wide players. The majority of our goals fall in the final 20 minutes once we play with 2 real wide players.

    Perhaps Wenger should this summer look for a world class box-to-box midfield player in the mold of Viera who he can trust to fill the gaps in midfield when we play Wilshire and Cazorla together so that he won't be afraid to have a front line with a world class striker and two real wide threats like Pod and Ox or Theo.

    Although I feel bad for Giroud, we soooo desperately need a big game world class striker. He could have decided the game on a number of occasions yesterday but he lacks the touch and instinct.