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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 16, 2013 20:41 Flag

    Poor 1st half against Everton

    Out played but if we had a quality striker we could have been 1-0 up against the run of play. But well intending and hard working Giroud just does not have the talent needed to make a real difference.

    Hope we bring in Podolski. Also big risk to start "the other Pole" in goal.

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    • I think Wenger got it wrong with Podolski. He is world class and he is the answer up front, with Rosiki. and Cav. supplying the ammunition. Giroud is good, and shouldn't be discounted for lack of finish just yet. I'm sure we will stay focused on this run in.. Our defence is good, and lets face it, we are never going to be allowed to forget 'dead ball' situation. Reporters bread and butter. Every team suffers the same results, + or - with them.

    • I would like to see us employing 2 strikers, Giroud with a regular partner. Walcott, possibly?

      In games like this, a long punt up the field from the back often finds Giroud, but his headed ball rarely finds a teammate. We need to have a partner for Giroud in order to profit from his abilities. And, we also need midfielders to attack crosses in the opposition's box much more often.