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  • JamesB JamesB Apr 17, 2013 15:15 Flag

    From Our Resident Troll- Rikki The Tea Leaf


    As Posted on the Man.United Board, by ANNIE THE ORPHAN - MONGIE(among others) - to another Poster. I leave the rest to you, on your thoughts about him. But I can understand why people report him. In society, someone who finds pleasure from lies about others, needs looking into. Or totally ignored.. But read on......

    "I take it, old man, that 'Monkey face' is a racist insult, aimed at the photo in my avatar.

    Well FYI, and as I've said before, the photo is of a poster here we know as 'slayer', who currently posts as 'What?'.

    Seeing as you were born almost 100 years ago, to parents who both died in the Blitz before you were born, racism is to be expected.

    People like you, unwanted orphans, use racism to get back at the world for abandoning you, and leaving you in poverty your whole life.

    Well slayer is a racist too, he once used the 'N' word to describe two posters on the Arsenal board, so your racist insults about his looks are, frankly, hilarious, do carry on, we don't mind at all! "

    This topic is deleted.
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