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  • Lol, thanks for the vote of confidence but I dont think any Arsenal fan is all that confident. Its not impossible to get a result against Utd in a couple of weeks but I definitely dont expect to, and I would probably take a draw now if it was offered. We played well against Everton just couldnt get the ball over the line (ahem Giroud) and probably should have won it considering the 2nd half pressure we applied. Losing a game can knock confidence, playing a good game, pressuring for 45 mins solid yet still not managing to get the goal can also knock confidence. Im praying City will shaft Spurs and hoping for Pool to do us a favour too but I have Suarez on my fantasy team and frankly Im well pi55ed off, how the hell couldnt he score on Reading!!?? So Im not expecting miracles from him against Chelsea.

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    • It is an old theme for me but I keep hoping we will play for more than 2 minutes with Podolski and Ox. We have to win, and hope for City and Pool as you say. But I guess this is kicking in an open door. Hopefully a win on Saturday will put more pressure on Chelsea and Spurs.