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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 22, 2013 08:49 Flag

    Goal differential

    This season might well come down to goal difference for us. I think of the 3 teams fighting for 3rd and 4th Spurs look the most convincing. Chelsea have a busy calender and a tougher schedule. We are ay 30 and Chelsea at 31 in terms of goal difference.

    Chelsea still play Man U, Spurs and Everton and with their squad they can win all three or lose all three (less likely).

    It is time for us to start producing some goals and win by 2 or 3 in our winnable games. It would be great if we could draw with United or better.

    This run in is not healthy for us older AFC fans.

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    • I would agree, out of all 3 Chelsea look the most shakey due to their run in. Although they do have the quailty needed to get by, will Benitez be able to inspire that quality in the team when needed? Goal diff really should be looked at because I think Spurs could do the job in which case it will come down to us and Chelsea and well...we need more goals