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    New Look Arsenal

    If rumours are true (which they aint) then this is how Arsenal could look next summer.
    Do you think this team could challenge for honours next season?

    Ceasar or Valdes & Szczesney




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    • To be honest I think any team can challenge for the title if they have the right mentality and team work. Yes ability does come into it but belief is more than half of it. I dont know enough about Dragovic or Draxler to comment. Capoue Jovetic and Isco could be good ideas, but I want Wenger to actually buy a player who is most comfortable being out on the left hand side and who has pace! Podolski works but lacks the pace to be an out and out winger. We need a GK, CB, DMF, probably a RB (depending on Sagna) and a striker who is happy to wide left. That list would already be over expectant for Wenger. Cant see him spending more that 50 mill at the very most even if he does sell off players like Djourou, Denilson, Chamkh, Bendtner etc. We may get a big name in..but then any other additions will be typically Wengerish. Possiblly decent yet not quite good enough

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      • True, I can't see major spending despite the so called war chest of 70 million?
        And every day a new name pops out the woodwork, but if he did go crazy and bring in Capoue and Jovetic plus a class defender/keeper I would be much more optomistic about next season!
        City and Chelsea will spend big again and unless we compete this year and bring in top players then CL will be a pipe dream and it's the CL that attracts the best players, plus the 250k a week of course!

      • I agree with a lot of what you say. When fully fit I would have thought that any of the big 3 could have won the PL and Spurs are not far of. Managers also have a big influence on the performance of a squad and in that department Chelsea have not done themselves any favors. I also don't think Mancini is the right long term guy for City. Moureen in charge of Chelsea and United would not have been 13 points clear. Pep in charge of Arsenal and we would probably be in control of our own destiny at this point.

        I don't expect Wenger to do much this season either. Why would he? If he cared about winning he would have done something a long time ago.

        I would hope he brings in a new keeper and an other striker and a DM and wide player.

        To balance the above we can do without Diaby, Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin, Manone, Djourou, Squil, Gervinho etc.

        Although with our poor financial model, we over pay average players making them unsellable, we might not be able to get rid of many players and will have to wait for their contract to run out like Arshavin's.