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  • Radge2def Radge2def Apr 23, 2013 15:23 Flag

    Guard of HONOUR for RVP!!!

    Well if you are old enough to debate with an adult then why dont you debate like an adult?

    Im not quite sure why you're so angry and abusive? Congrats to Utd for their latest title. It is well deserved and I cannot deny them it. The down side of it all though is that this Utd team is not one of the greats and will not be remembered as one of the great Utd sides. I dont think that is unfair, i do not think abuse and rubbing it in is called for when discussing that opinion, infact i would say its a fair assessment of the of this whole season.

    Utd's (almost) record haul of points for a season only helps prove my point. Utd have won already because their have had no real competition all season. They have not been under pressure really at all. They have won because mainly their opposition have not stood up to be counted, but partly because Fergie has an ability to get the best out of whatever players he has available. This Utd side have not been impressive but neither has any of their competition so they have done enough to be rightfully crowned Champions.

    Spurs i think have played pretty well all season. If it was just on that then yes perhaps they would deserve a CL spot. Between Arsenal and Chelsea well...if Arsenal pip Chelsea, Abramovic has only himself to blame, which would be a lovely bit of karma in relation to De Matteo. Who deserves the remaining CL spots? Well thats where we are now, whoever comes through this period of pressure and games are the two teams who deserve those spots. Thats how you can judge the best of the rest by dealing with the pressure and coming out on top.

    And if it satisfies you that much, I have been very disappointed in how Arsenal have played all season, because I feel i am yet to see confidence or belief from this team. In other words yes I think arsenal have been shyte this season, but any more shyte than Spurs or Chelsea? No. Thats to be decided.