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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Apr 23, 2013 08:17 Flag

    Guard of HONOUR for RVP!!!

    Its almost like it was meant to be!

    I expect the mediocre Francenal players will be more than happy to clap him into the stadium. He did his best scoring non-stop for two seasons and still couldn't drag you into the top 3, now he's accomplished what everyone dreams of in stepping up to join CHAMP2ONS United, where trophies are GUARANTEED even if your striker goes 10+ games without a goal!

    Unfortunately I dont think there is anyone left at your little club who is good enough to even warm our bench now. RVP was the last quality player to jump ship, credit to him for that!

    The good news is, with title number 20 in the bag, this is your best ever chance to get a point off us where we are usually guaranteed 3!


    Piers Morgan meltdown on the way - icing on the cake!

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    • Congats Chris. Well deserved title. I am very happy for RVP, a player of his caliber deserves a title on his CV. It was clear that at Arsenal that was never going to happen for him at his age. The nice thing is that he made a real contribution to United winning the title. I think Barca and City, most likely would have won titles without the contributions of Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas or Song.

      For the neutral fan I hope City and Chelsea get some good managers otherwise next season will be a repeat of this rather boring season.

    • Um well he did put us into the top 3 last season and he was non stop scoring for a season and a half, not two. Yes Im being pedantic but hey thats what you get if you're gonna come on an Arsenal board and be an #$%$ about a deserved championship win. Be gracious about your win, thank Wenger for selling you VP because without him you could easily still be battling for the title or worse. Yes you're champions, yes you deserved it but mainly because all your opposition have been utterly gash all season. You have a very high assessment of what is a fairly average Utd team. Do take note. Congrats, but do remember to thank those that helped you along the way ie/ Wenger and every other team in the league for being #$%$.

    • You can't call Arsenal players 'mediocre'. Slayer tells us that, player for player, Arsenal's have more quality. Of course, he refuses to actually make any comparisons.

      That's Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri, Song and RVP who have all realised that the '4th in the PL' trophy isn't something you can show your grandkids so left to win real trophies. How long before the rest grasp that? Bet Walcott's regretting signing up!