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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Apr 26, 2013 09:32 Flag

    On The Dutch Persona Non Grata...

    Great post Mar, and you make a great point about Cesc.

    When you consider all the players that have left in their prime (even Vieira and Henry were 28), or in Cesc, Nasri's et al case, well before their prime, its pretty obvious why RVP, 'the last man standing', is getting the brunt of it...

    Its the FINAL nail in the coffin, confirmation....its OVER.

    I dont blame people for being upset he joined United. Its a reminder of how far you've fallen, forget being our rivals, even clueless Spurs smell blood now. Look how happy he is at United, its the perfect club for him, players on his level, with his winning mentality. Fergie is already calling him our modern day Cantona, and the fans are not just reciprocating the sentiment, but its helping to ease their (and Fergie's) misguided view on the fat, slow and overpaid Rooney, who we finally now see getting dropped and subbed more.

    At United we were all starting to like Wenger, my mum even commented on how she 'felt sorry for him these days because he is a good coach, just not great'.....but he deserves a trophy outside Old Trafford for giving us RVP!

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    • I like Wenger and I feel bad for Wenger. He should have been protected against himself. If he had left 5 years ago when the game started to pass him by, he would have left a great legacy. In stead he has been kept around and as a result has destroyed his legacy. This is a shame.

      He now resorts to terribly poor attempts of manipulation of the dumb fans like Flabongras. This morning I had to laugh out-loud when I read he said he was worried about Chelsea's summer plans. As if we compete with Chelsea!!! That's what he wants fans to think. But the truth is our highest paid player probably earns less than half of Chelsea's highest paid player. We don't compete with Chelsea for players it is as simple as that and for him to try to suggest that is a joke. If he wants to pretend to compete with Chelsea for players he should start paying 250k a week and this won't happen anytime soon.

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      • Yes, Wenger is a bit like Roy Jones Jr in that respect.....one of the greatest at his peak, but now in his 40's he's getting beat by bums, tarnishing the memory of his greatness!

        People are saying you need 3 or 4 quality players to challenge United, they must be joking! Look at where Citeh are in the table with their wealth of talent!

        This latest £70m war chest he's being handed wont buy jack #$%$!

      • I think we will only experience the Wenger legacy once he has retired myself. There is no doubt in my mind he loves the club and is trying to do everything he can to look after it. For that reason hes making himself a scape goat during the hard times only to be replaced and have the new manager reap the benefits of his hard work. We have to wait and see what happens I guess, but Wenger is not a stupid man. Im pretty sure he can see the problems at Arsenal but is willing to gamble spending less now for a future benefit. II dont think Wenger is 100% to blame, nor do i believe the board are 100%, they are both in it for the long haul. Fans dont have such patience.