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  • Raider Raider Apr 26, 2013 13:02 Flag

    On The Dutch Persona Non Grata...

    I was one of the supporters last year claiming that RVP wont leave us as he loves the club too much!

    This isn't the first time this has left egg on my face as I tend to believe the hype and badge kissing because I/we want to believe they love the club as much as we do.

    The reality of the matter is that everyone puts their own interests first and very few players play for their boyhood teams and therefore do not have the affiliation with the club that we do as supporters, the club is just an employer!

    Some will agrue that RVP should have shown loyalty because of all the years he was injured and the club backed him.

    The trouble is we do not know the conversations he had with Wenger and the board about the developement of the team so being 29 he felt it was time to jump ship.

    All I know is that if he had of stayed and we still bought the players we did then Utd would not have won as many games as they did and Arsenal would have probably won more games.

    I think the league table might have looked a lot different then it does now!

    Utd deserve a guard of honour as mark of respect for winning the title and we as Arsenal supporters need to be less judgemental with RVP and show class in supporting our team!

    It would be nice if he didn't play just to save any unpleasantness that might happen...

    AFC for 3rd (Believe.....)

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