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    On The Dutch Persona Non Grata...

    There will be a huge amount of supporters who feel very strongly about the circumstances in which Van Persie left, and who will be at The Emirates when he(if he dares)walks out. We had 7 years of him being injured with us, then he had one injury free season, and decided to leave. What he came out with when he left, I think shows how he felt that what he said showed he identified with the supporters, actually showed just how far removed he was from them. It was a bad call, and he did not appreciate just how Arsenal supporters felt about him, and their club. He alienated himself from supporters by the way in which he brought about his move. He showed no kind of respect towards Arsene Wenger, with his celebration after he scored against Stoke, when he ran over and embraced Ferguson. It sent out a message that AW has not been the one who brought him to the stage he is in now. When he came to Arsenal no one outside of Holland knew of him and he had difficulties at Feyenoord. It was a risk buying him and AW has made him the player he is today.which ever way it goes, he can expect a hot reception at The Emirates, even a turning of backs. Its that personal with Arsenal supporters. And I wish I could be there to add my voice. SAF is not to blame in the least. Van Persie's ego won't allow him to look at himself in all of this. There will be no sympathy when finally MU pull the plug on him. As they surely will sooner or later. They can pretend all they like, but I don't think their fans ever embraced him as one of theirs, and never will.

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    • Did you happen to notice that you were the only 2 guys to reply. Interesting. Very interesting; but stupid, that you accept what I had to say, with silence on the subject. Or rather the usual abusive tones. Keep posting here though, please do, as it probably the only life you have left, and I enjoy the celebrity........I'd have to cut my throat if you two weren't around.......blowing it out of your #$%$.

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      • I don't know what you are talking about? At Feyenoord and in Holland he was always recognized for amazing talent that he is. He might have had his run ins with Van Marwijk but that was due to his young age and due to Van Marwijk just as much. If you look at his injuries during his time at Arsenal you will see that they were mostly impact injuries. That's why SAF knew he wasn't taking much of a risk.

        It is unlikely, highly unlikely, that Arsenal will win either the PL or the CL in the next 5-10 years and at 29 and no trophies to show for it I know many Arsenal fans who understand he left when he was told of Wenger's immediate plans.

        The reason this club is in it's current predicament is because fans like you refuse to put the blame where it belongs, with the manager and the owner.

        Are you angry because no world class players want to come to Arsenal? Are you angry because now even average players like Jovetic only will consider coming to Arsenal if we can guarantee CL football? RVP didn't screw us around like Cesc did, making eyes to Barca for his last 3 seasons with us. And Cesc had plenty of career left to be able to stay a few more years with us.

        RVP was not the first to leave as a result of the lack of ambition and ability of both manager and club and he won't be the last.

        Let's be great full he single handily got us to 3rd last season and hope we qualify for CL football and can sign some good but average players.

        World class players like Goetze and Falaco have long been out of our reach. And now it seems even 15 mill for a good keeper is out of our reach.

        Let's just be greatfull Arsenal fans and appreciative that we have had the pleasure to have the best PL player play for us until he was 29. It will be a long long time before we again will be able to say we have the best PL in our squad.

        It is petty and wrong to vent on RVP for what should be recognized as the faults of the manager and the owner in the making for years.

        PS We Aresnal fans would do a lot better to try to get Usmanov involved through protests etc than to waste our energy on players who have left us.

        Wenger Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kroenke out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 300 million to rebuild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was one of the supporters last year claiming that RVP wont leave us as he loves the club too much!

      This isn't the first time this has left egg on my face as I tend to believe the hype and badge kissing because I/we want to believe they love the club as much as we do.

      The reality of the matter is that everyone puts their own interests first and very few players play for their boyhood teams and therefore do not have the affiliation with the club that we do as supporters, the club is just an employer!

      Some will agrue that RVP should have shown loyalty because of all the years he was injured and the club backed him.

      The trouble is we do not know the conversations he had with Wenger and the board about the developement of the team so being 29 he felt it was time to jump ship.

      All I know is that if he had of stayed and we still bought the players we did then Utd would not have won as many games as they did and Arsenal would have probably won more games.

      I think the league table might have looked a lot different then it does now!

      Utd deserve a guard of honour as mark of respect for winning the title and we as Arsenal supporters need to be less judgemental with RVP and show class in supporting our team!

      It would be nice if he didn't play just to save any unpleasantness that might happen...

      AFC for 3rd (Believe.....)

    • This hatred towards RVP from the usual small minded, SIMPLETON Francenal sheep, is nothing more than sour grapes, just admit it. Deep down you ALL know he was left with no choice but to leave. Had your perennial bunch of mediocre bottlers matched his ambition, he'd still be there, end of.

      The two previous seasons (1 and a half if you want to be petty) he played out of his skin for you, and you were still not good enough to win even the Emirates cup!

      He listened to the little boy inside of him and joined the club of his dreams, the club that is obsessed with winning TROPHIES, and Im just thankful Wenger LET this happen!

      You aren't a rival of ours, haven't been for years, the reality is Swansea and Norwich are tougher than you these days, so grow up and get over it!


      United LEGEND in the making. Roll on title number 21!



    • "And I wish I could be there to add my voice."

      Is there some reason you can't be there, Gillian, like not being able to afford the fare from Colorado?

      Or maybe, like the midget, you don't know where the Emirates is?

    • Oh dear, this really does cut you up .... are you gay?