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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 26, 2013 08:37 Flag

    Jovetic (and others) only want to come if we qualify for CL

    Even if we finish 4th we will not know if we qualify for CL football. I wonder what this means for new signings who are good enough to demand CL football?


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    • Writes Govinda,positively salivating at the thought of having an excuse to put the boot into the club if Arsenal fail to qualify for the CL for the FIRST time since Wenger took the reins.

      And you have the audacity to refer to the club as 'WE'.


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      • As usual you fail to see the point and thus you fail to respond to the point of the post. It seems near impossible for you to have a "normal" exchange with anyone on these boards probably because you are such a tiny mental midget that your entire identity rests in Arsenal and thus shrinks every year.

        If we finish 4th we have to pre-qualify for CL football and hence won't know if we play CL football till it is "too late" in August 29th. Clearly by this time players like Jovetic will have found their (new) home for the season. So how can a player make CL conditional? This seems unlikely.

      • So what you're saying, midget, is that unless he agrees with you he can't call himself a supporter?

        Why don't you tell us when you last saw a game at the Emirates?

        That was a rhetorical question, of course, we know you've never been near the place!