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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Apr 26, 2013 14:09 Flag

    A big weekend for Arsenal.

    If Spurs beat Wigan, Chelsea beat Swansea, and Arsenal lose to United, you'll be back in 5th spot, and they'll both still have a game in hand.

    That means Chelsea's game against United, and their game against each other on the 8th May could decide whether or not you qualify for the CL.

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    • Wigan are fighting for their lives so they will give Spurs a good game and I'm hoping Swansea will get a draw at least.
      Chelsea have a real tuff run in, probably the hardest and the spuds/Chelsea game could be a decider for the 4th spot.
      Arsenal need to take at least 10 points to get 4th and 12 points to take 3rd, there are no easy games at this point of the season.

      All you can do as supporters are believe and hope!

      How many points do you think Chelsea will see from the Utd/Spuds game and also Villa looking at relegation.

      I dont think any of the three can afford to draw more then 1 game from their remaining fixtures and deffo not loose any!

      Arsenal 63 pts

      28th/Man Utd

      Chelsea 62 pts

      2nd/ Basel
      15th/Europa Final

      Spuds 61 pts


    • Your first word of the first sentence says it all. Nothing in football tells me that it couldn't be the complete reverse of your statement. Could it. Now do the math again, and tell us how we would stand should that happen??

    • This is a potentially rough weekend for Arsenal. A win is possible because we don't know what Man U will playing for. It should be hard for them to show up and give 110% having already won the PL so their season is over. On the other hand Man U seems to always want to win. My worry is SAF starting a lot of young guys who normally don't get a starting spot. They will be keen to show what they can do.

      Arsenal also seem to have a mental block when it comes to the Man U games and have not played very well in recent games.

      The one good thing for us is that Spurs and Chelsea still play each other.

      If we are ever going to beat you when it matters this is our best chance.

      I believe!!!!!!!!! :-)