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  • Radge2def Radge2def Apr 27, 2013 10:51 Flag

    Is the end of our suffering near?

    Well I dont believe Wenger should leave before the end of his contract. I support wenger even if I do think we probably need a freshening up. Saying that if we fail to get CL footy this year then yes I wouldnt say no to him being replaced. After all CL is his and our clubs minimum. Fail to do the minimum you must face the consequences. Ancelotti would be great, Moyes i would be happy with but i really do think moyes is a shoe in for Utd. That does depend on when Fergie decides hes had enough, and so that could be a few years yet. Wenger I really hope does not sign another extension past next season.

    Fabongrass: Grow up! Add to the debate please! Your comments are tedious. You're supposidly a gooner too, and yet you never talk about them in any shape or form, just focus on abusing and taking the pi55 out of others on here!? What is that?

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    • If we qualify for CL football, I could live with Wenger serving to the end of his contract and if next year he manages to finish in the top 2 of the PL, I could even live with an extension but after 9 years I want to see some real improvement in results. ie an other trophy-less year next year combined with an other 3rd or 4th place finish would have to be his last year in charge as far as I'm concerned. And like you say if we fail to finish in the top 4 this season, he would have to go as well.

      Fab: Perhaps your, rather obvious, mistake is that all you seem to be interested in is taking the bate from the United supporters when they wind you up and frankly, that's just not your strength. Why not be like most of us Arsenal supporters and ignore the wind-ups and respond to football arguments and posts. There is way too much childish #$%$ happening on this board and most of it is due to small minds responding to a wind-up. Try to stick to reasonable football-only replies and this board might become a better place.

    • I respect your posts Radge even if I disagree. Govinda on then other hand over the YEARS has proven himself to be no more than a #$%$ who continually shoves his tongue up the rear ends of the United posters who plague this board. So much so that it could be reasoned that he is yet another serial ID merchant and in fact a United fan (as has happened before).

      His anti-Wenger stance and anti arsenal stance is laughable for a supposed 'supporter' of the club.

      I can't help but laugh at the little weasel and his glory supporter pals.

      You may have not realised what a grovelling little #$%$ he is, and may not ever do so.

      Fab on the other hand has and has since realised that debate with Govinda is utterly pointless and I cannot help but point out the I'll thought through nonsense he spouts,time after time.

      Much love.

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      • The midget has NEVER discussed football on here, check his post history, he knows nothing about Arsenal, and supports Crystal Palace.

        The biggest crime you can commit here, in the midget's eyes, is to have an opinion he doesn't share.

        Oh, and you mustn't be civil to supporters of any other club.

      • Ok i'll keep that in mind, point taken. Im still pretty new here so still learning and sussing out the rather petty dynamic that goes on in here? I generally do see Govinda trying and supplying debatable posts though. All I want is debates that dont degrade down to petty abuse and childish tactics. Maybe Im hoping for too much.
        Mentioning the Utd #$%$ licking though, is it #$%$ or just accepting that Arsenal have been second best to Utd for the past 8 years? When you have little over then there is no problem with being sporting. I dont let my bias for Arsenal get in the way of facts, realism and practicality. Maybe youre right and Im still learning but i have to wait and see.
        I hate Utd but these days my hate is much more directed to the fals idols of City and Chelsea. Mostly City for deliberately #$%$et stripping us so they have a better chance of CL footy. I firmly believe that that was Mansour's idea from the day he took over.