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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2013 18:21 Flag

    Rikki, "if ..............

    ............your aunty had a #$%$ she'd be your uncle."

    All perfectly reasonable ifs, buts and maybes..........Init Rikki?

    As things turn out, it's a damp squid weekend for YOU (Rikki).

    -----------------"If Spurs beat Wigan, Chelsea beat Swansea, and Arsenal lose to United, you'll be back in 5th spot, and they'll both still have a game in hand." #PMSL @rikki#.

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    • This is a first - still no reply from the boards pest Rikki.

      Either Rikki's too busy foraging for wild edibles in The Outback or he's just pretending that he hasn't been anywhere near the Arsenal board since his 2nd beloved team the Spud dropped 2 precious points against relegation fodder Wigan Athletic.

      We know YOU are reading Rikki, you fool no one son.