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    Wenger: 'United would have won without Van Persie'

    “United have won 20 championships and they won a few without Robin van Persie, Robin has made an impact of course, I don’t deny that, but United lost only on goal difference last year. And if QPR did not know they were safe, they would have won it last year.”

    Then again, what does Wenger know, slayer, Gillian and the midget know far more!

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    • I thought that statement was a bit thin by Wenger. Was it because he was trying to defuse potential tension at the Emirates for RVP or was it that he does not want to be seen as the manager who was dumb enough to sell the title to Man U?

      One thing, seems obvious, if United had not bought RVP they would have bought an other top striker and probably won the title but what is wrong with realizing RVP was instrumental in winning the title for United?

      When you are a feeder club you better hope your product performs, otherwise buyers won't come back and than Stan Kroenke will make less money. Until Arsenal is willing to pay the same salaries as City, Man U and Chelsea we (and all other PL teams) will remain a feeder club for those 3 teams.

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      • i think they would have won it regardless of rvp. lets face it, they would have to under perform big time to be as bad as city & the other chasing teams. also they could have gone out & bought 1 from a huge list of fowards who would have scored as many. with the service u get at utd, u cant help but score a hatful. unless your wellbeck of course! also hernandez has been under used. so he would have scored a lot more in the league if he had played more. utd could have been even poorer this season & stil won the title.