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    Wenger: ''City’s flops gifted the title to Man U''

    So you agree with Wenger that Man U are an ''average side'' that got lucky with the title because teams like City were well below their best this season, Rikki?

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    • mancini has been awful. he has under performed every season for city.he has taken them backwards this season. theres so many better managers around then him. his CL record is very poor too. id say chelsea & city have both underperformed big time. i think u will end up 3rd or 4th which is about par. i dont know anyone who thought ud challenge for the title.

    • Can I suggest that it was also a Chelsea and Arsenal 'flop' that gifted Utd the title???

    • It is hard for me to believe that Mancini should keep his job.

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      • You are right, Govinda. Most of City's problems are down to Mancini's management incompetency. He needs go for them to progress.

        Another manager who should have a big question mark on his head is Wenger for me. The minimum requirement for Wenger today is 3 points, anything less and he can fvck right off (imho). A win for Arsenal may be of little importance in the greater scheme of things as most observers /pundits would be keen to remind us that we only beat Man U because they have nothing to play for and I don't blame them for holding such view at all. For Wenger to still keep his job at the end of this season, he needs to demonstrate through his team selection this afternoon that he still has the tactical nous to defeat a team I consider I personally don't rate at all despite winning the title this season.

        Most people on here think that I'm a Wenger sheep but in actual fact I'm a realist who wants the very best for Arsenal and 'the very best' in my view isn't scraping for top 4 finish in what has been a poor championship in recent seasons. Arsenal can do better than that if we get our acts together.

        A couple of seasons ago, Roberto Martinez's team lost 9-1 at WHL but the same Martinez almost did the double over Spurs this season save for good fortune on Spurs' side. Now that's a manager who learns from his past mistakes. Martinez nullified all Spurs' threats in the game against them yesterday and reduced them to feeding on scraps through his tactical know-how.

        I don't care how Wenger achieves the result today as his record against Fergie has been very poor in recent years, but the 3 points at stake should always be the minimum requirement for Arsenal, especially ON OUR OWN PATCH.