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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2013 18:33 Flag

    Man U had 'nothing to play for'

    To the extent that they FAILED and missed the chance to better Chelsea's highest points total in a season record - an idiotic argument to the extreme!

    Why not call it like it is that this is an average Man U side who got lucky because the others underperformed big time.

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    • I'm sorry but I don't see the game as a nothing game to Utd, there is just to much rivalry between the 2 clubs for a nothing game, just look at the total number of bookings etc..

      The league table doesn't lie but to compare the UTD of today with past teams is impossible.
      What SAF has done is create a hard working efficient team but has sacrificed the flare play that was apparent in previous teams.

      At Arsenal we have tried to play teams off the park but perhaps we need to adopt a more no nonsense approach and get that ball in the danger area quicker.

      Most critics and pundits have all claimed RVP has been the difference this season and is probably worth 6 to 9 points alone which goes to show how smart a move it was for SAF and how bad a move it was for Arsenal.

      Take the 6-9 points off Utd and add those to Arsenal and the league looks a lot different.
      City and Chelsea will buy their equivelant RVP this summer and hopfully Arsenal too!

      I don't see a big points difference next year, not between the top 5 that is!

    • United. Top On Merit.

    • I don't think they gave a S@#$ about the points total. They were clearly not interested in the game in the first half. Once Sagna let them back into the game they smelled blood and gave it a go (on automatic pilot) for a little bit.

      Sad thing is, you and I both know that Arsenal didn't under-perform this season and neither did Spurs. City and Chelsea threw it away but Man U was there to take advantage of it.

      Also the PL in general is dropping it's standard, look at the CL results. I hope Moureen comes back to Chelsea and that City hire a stud manager as well. The PL needs to raise its level again and Man U can not do that on their own. There needs to be better competition otherwise before we know it the PL loses it's 4th CL spot and Arsenal will be playing nothing.

    • I wouldnt say Utd got lucky. They have clearly been the best team all season. They deserve to be champions because mentally they have been superior and because everyone else has been so rubbish that they dont deserve to be anywhere near Utd. Why this is not a great Utd team though is pretty obvious. Guaranteed you'll ask Utd fans in 20 years time...Who was in the Utd team who won the 20th title? Ppl will say...erm. Van Persie, Im pretty sure Rooney, Ferdinand and Evra were in the team back then too?

    • Give it a rest Slayer; you're pathetic beyond words. This might be an average side for United but even then they are light years ahead of the opposition.

      How can an almost record points score be classed as lucky? As you say, you've tried to use this 'idiotic' argument over the last few season and you know you are being even more stupid than usual because you are consumed with jealousy and regret choosing the wrong team 10 years ago but perhaps one day you just might give credit where it's due.