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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Apr 29, 2013 07:04 Flag

    Man U had 'nothing to play for'

    Erm... Because the competition were below par perchance?

    It really isn't rocket science old boy.

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    • One does titter.

      The European champions you proudly boast of were without the striker that hauled them there and suffered a change of manager during the course of the season! The monetary value of a squad in no way guarantees great quality. Add to that Spurs and Liverpool under new management and Arsenal filled with new faces and having sold their top striker (he who won United the title) and I would say it is not beyond reason to deduce that wethe competition was below par. The evidence clearly points to this, old boy

      Still, if you wish to believe the current United team are deserved of being sat amongst the few really great sides, you are welcome to that fantastical opinion.

      I bet you struggle building Lego.

      Much love.

    • If it was rocket science you would struggle. Average means some are better some are worse. We can only say with any assurance that they were clearly the best this year. City improved their squad from last year, but were beaten into a distant second. This side would have won titles in many other eras. You will have to stop lauding the one season wonders aka invincibles, that must have been a,really mediocre year. Unlike this year that had the reigning European,Champions and most expensively assembled squad in history blown out of the water

    • "wethe competition was below par."

      Yet you've scored more points than at this stage last season, without RVP, so once again you look stupid, it's becoming a habit with you, my little poison midget!