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    Walcott reportedly 'happy with a point'

    'A point' which saw Arsenal dropped from 3rd to 4th spot in the table having played a game more than Spurs.

    Sadly this is the pathetic losers' mentality Wenger has instilled in his players. We should never be happy with a point especially at home in a game we led and dominated prior to the stage where Sagna committed his stupidity to gift them a goal.

    Should Spurs win all their remaining matches and Chelsea only lose their game in hand against Spurs but win the rest, what happens then to Arsenal's hopes of CL football next season?

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    • I have to agree that over the years Wenger has made this a generation into losers. Too often he explained losses away with the fact that he thought we played well or had bad luck. These guys have not been taught that losing is never acceptable because of Wenger's excuses.

      Having said that, they did give it 100% but just don't have the squad to get the job done, or perhaps just didn't get the tactical preparation to get the job done?

    • True as, at this stage of the season we should not be happy with a point from that game, however you can see that at least he is reasonable in the way that he knows fine well in recent years getting a point against Utd for us is a good result. Painfully true. Hes also probably happy because...well he scored, so he thinks "well I did my job what about the rest of you"!? lol.

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      • Can't complain about getting a point if we look at results only. But how frustrating a game which once again highlighted our lack of threat in the final 3rd. We should have made it 2-0 in the first half and then maybe we would have had a chance. This united team didn't start playing until the second half and had better chances than we did.

        And once again we started to play better as a team IMO once Cazorla started to play more in the middle and Gervinho on the right. Why, of why.......

        These could turn out to be 2 expensive points dropped. Spurs remaining games are easy with the exception of Chelsea and Chelsea are Chelsea, they have a lot of experience. For me we are the ones outside of CL football at the moment and we need, once again, some help.

        Our next game should be OK but the Wigan game I worry about.

    • I notice you are keeping quiet about yet another offside goal for Walcott. Why's that, Slayer? If that had been United you'd be in meltdown.

      And how did Sagna stay on after that hack on Evra?

      Yet more help from refs for Arsenal. When will it ever end?

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      • lol listen to you!? A Utd fan complaining about their opposition getting help from the Ref!!?? are you serious?
        Walcotts goal was just offside. But considerring the pace of the move Im sure it wasnt such an easy call for the linesman. Sagna stayed on because it was not a goal scoring opportunity, VP was in the box but running parallel to the goals not at them. Sagna was a fool for lunging in because VP would have only got a near post shot off and well Szczesny I would expect to be able to save that.

    • No worries mate spurs will drop more points