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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 29, 2013 10:43 Flag

    5-10 years to rebuild

    I have said it many times. It will take us 5-10 years to rebuild if we ever want to go back to the top of the football world. All big teams will continue to strengthen each and every year so for us to catch up we need to out spend them. There are numerous studies out there that show a positive correlation, over time, between a teams investment in its squad (including salaries) and a teams league position.

    At the moment it feels we need to spend big this summer just to get an entry ticket in the race for 3rd and 4th, never mind the PL or CL title.


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    • So you have to ask yourself.....what has AW been doing for the last 8yrs?

      We need:-

      1. GK
      2. CB
      3. RB
      4. DM
      5. ST

      We do not need anymore AM's. We've got a squad full of them.

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      • I agree that we have a squad of AMs but are they good enough?

        When you look at the other top teams they have real quality sitting on the bench and in most cases would be 1st 11 players but it is proven that teams who win things have a squad of players that have very little between them.

        For me our first 11 are pretty damn good but our squad is short of real top quality.

        Wilshere and Cazorla are a cut above the rest and Rosicky when fit is class too, but not always available and getting older!

        Arteta is solid and Ramsey is inconsistant and Theo is Theo!!!!

        Real good players but I feel we need someone exceptional there with Cazorla and Wilshere.

        Whatever Arsen or the new manager decides, a rebuild project is a must for next season if we want to keep up with the Jones's...

        I would love Arsen to bring in Hummels, Abate or Richards, Capoue, Isco, Jovetic.

        Whatever happens, we will still support the club but have divided opinions!

    • I think you're only two players from a title, but two expensive players, if the board were to give up their annual share bonus a SPEND it, things could rapidly change.