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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Apr 30, 2013 18:03 Flag

    Utd Game Summary

    Im surprised more hasn't been made of the fact that a Francenal side with lots to prove and play for couldn't beat an uninterested United side with nothing to play for, at home.

    Not being funny, but it just highlights now the huge gap between us. 21 points barely does it justice.

    Credit to all Gooners who think RVP deserved better. Like Evra said, no one can dispute that he's been justified in moving to us.

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    • Regardless of league position, Fergie & Wenger always take a game between us seriously.

      Neither set of players would have been under any illusion other than that they were to go out and win.

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      • That should go without saying really, but doesn't change the fact United were hardly 'up' for this game. It should have been a cup final for you, which I think showed in your commitment and tough tackling.

        The point is, the quality just isn't there. If we really wanted to, we could beat you 9 times out of ten, and I think if you look at the past 10+ meetings between us, this would be reflected.

        This isn't about who's #$%$ is bigger, we won that one ages ago. This about your current predicament.

    • 'uninterested United side'


      '...it just highlights now the huge gap between us. 21 points barely does it justice.'

      This season, what with Arsenal beginning with so many new faces, in key positions, perhaps. Do you honestly believe United will emulate that next season?