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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Apr 30, 2013 18:25 Flag

    Utd Game Summary

    That should go without saying really, but doesn't change the fact United were hardly 'up' for this game. It should have been a cup final for you, which I think showed in your commitment and tough tackling.

    The point is, the quality just isn't there. If we really wanted to, we could beat you 9 times out of ten, and I think if you look at the past 10+ meetings between us, this would be reflected.

    This isn't about who's #$%$ is bigger, we won that one ages ago. This about your current predicament.

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    • I think you just contradicted yourself there.

      Our quick goal and tackling in the first half were clear signs that we were 'up for it'. We also have to fight for the CL spot.

      Reports were that Fergie told the team he wanted to beat Chelsea's points record, so they had to win too.

      Our predicament has been the same for the last 8yrs now. It just gets a bit worse with each passing year.


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      • Oh dear John, in your desperate attempt to get one over me, you neglected to actually read what i said, so I'll help you out...

        I said...

        'but doesn't change the fact UNITED were hardly 'up' for this game. '

        You said...

        'Our quick goal and tackling in the first half were clear signs that WE were 'up for it'.

        Take your time with that one. ;)

    • Really Chris? You didn't see your contradiction? In your blind defensive move, you forgot to go back a couple of posts.

      You acknowledged that Fergie and Wenger take every game between us seriously and that both teams would not have been under any illusion about the task set for them, yet you then say that Utd weren't up for it.

      So which theory do you side with?

      Were they told by Fergie to "go out and win", or did he say "don't bother" I have no desire to beat Chelsea's points record?

      The two statements I made @ 18:42 were not connected, hence the line space between them and I wasn't trying get 'one over' on anybody.

      I lack the motivation for desperation. I leave that to pixies & ducatis of this world