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  • Raider Raider Apr 30, 2013 11:28 Flag

    Buying from teams that go down

    Whilst I have a strong opinion on who Arsen should be buying it is very possible that Arsen could raid some of the clubs that might be going down, in the hope of picking up a cheapy.

    Reading wouldn't provide anyone I can think of and QPR have Remy and Cesar that could be an option.
    Newcastle have a couple of gems in Cabaye and Cisse and Sunderland have Mignolet.
    As for Villa there has been rumours of Lowton and even Benteke being linked to Arsenal.
    Poor old Wigan don't really have anyone like Reading so no bargains there!

    Whilst some of these players are very good, how many are world class or potentially world class?
    There are a few I think would improve the squad and would probably be within the price range we have bought in the past.

    The question is, will Wenger go in to the next price range and attract the bigger players or should I say the more established players that play for bigger clubs abroad?

    If he spends big on one player he will need to balance that off against a cheaper one and that's when he will look to the smaller clubs for their gems or clubs that have financial difficulty or being relegated.

    Just an opinion!!!

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    • I like the idea of your suggestions Raider.
      Mignolet, Cesar, Al Habsi from Wigan? for GKs
      Cabaye for sure, Maybe Remy (not sure about his attitude) Cisse and Beneteke could be worth a shout. Yet apart from the GK options and Cabaye none of them really stand out as a YES!!
      Wigan do have McCarthy though who although not necessarily world class would certainly provide some steel in our midfield good squad player. Oh and Wigan have had Ryo on loan,..so we want him back :)
      Sunderland I like Mclean and Johnson dunno if they would necessarily improve us but i would be happier seeing Johnson getting a run out over Gerv. and i do feel we need a LW/LMF so Mclean and Johnson could help.

    • If they are not good enough to keep their respective teams in the EPL why would they be good enough to improve arsenal? Just saying