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  • Radge2def, you are being very generous; do you think Ferguson would be so generous? Arsenal need to be more ruthless. Ramsey has no pace, he is caught in possession many times in a game and too often makes the easy pass (back or square), let's just leave him on the bench as back-up and get rid as soon as possible. He's at the wrong level, Arsenal need better.

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    • I dont think I'm being too generous. Hes been pretty awful since his return from injury but since just after Xmas there has been a marked improvement. Still lacking but improving. Frankly if you can see improvement in a young player (still only 22) then there is every reason to give them a proper chance. I know Fergie probably would not have been as generous, if he had been at Utd I'm pretty convinced he would not have been given a new contract in the winter, and pretty sure he would have been shipped out this summer, but that is the diff between Wenger and Fergies man managing techniques.
      Lets face it Wengers methods are a not a new revelation. Diaby has been so injury prone yet Wenger stands by him. Arshavin has been just as bad as Ramsey for a similar amount of time yet there appears to be no problem between arshavin and Wenger on a perosonal level.
      For me Ramsey has recently began reminding me of Darren Fletcher. (hmmm now there is a similarity between Wenger and Fergie in terms of giving people a chance) He used to have a sweet pass on him yet now looks more of a problem when employed to hassle and harry the opposition into making mistakes and not giving them time. If Ramsey ever gains his lovely passing skills again, which i think he will, he could be a very useful player to have.