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  • I think he has definitely helped us on the defensive side of the ball since we started to effectively play with 5 midfielders and he has a great work rate. An other good work horse which I think all teams need in midfield. Having Ramsey in the squad and playing with 5 midfield players is also the reason we have trouble going forward with Cazorla being played out on the left and Ramsey being poor going forward.

    I hope for Ramsey that one day he will become a deserving starter somewhere. I read somewhere that maybe Cardiff would like to make him a key signing and that might be great for him.

    I think at Arsenal if we want to dream about trophies we need find a more complete player helping defending and attacking a sort of merging of Arteta and Ramsey into a box-to-box player like Vierra or Yaya. This would allow us to go back to 4-3-3 and thus be more effective going forward.