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  • Govinda Govinda May 2, 2013 08:30 Flag

    Will this man lead us back to where we belong? One day?


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    • Dunno whether he is the solution. Tbh as fans we are in the dark about who is doing what and who is preventing what. We were told about a 10 year plan 8 years ago, so theoretically we still have 2 years to wait. What we dont know is if the so called "10 year plan" is actually real and still being employed?
      Usmanov was not originally backed by Fizman and Bracewell- Smith which for me has always rung alarm bells. However Bracewell-Smith has since had a go at Kroenke, and if Kroenke is not going to help move the club forward then I guess Usmanov would be a better option.

      Overall though I believe Arsenal would be better off not being owned outright by one man specifically. We should be aiming to employ a similar idea as the German clubs employ where fans own a majority. Perhaps have one major owner now who is willing for his shares to be bought back by the fans over time? I dunno if you could find such a person, yet Usmanov has said that he wouldnt mess with the fan share idea. Although those too are only words.

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      • Well at this point I am convinced we will not win the PL or the CL in the next 2 years unless we get a new manager and a drastic change in wage scale policy combined with one or two world class players. Or perhaps Wenger goes back to being the manager of old and benefits from the ability to offer competitive wages and signs a few world class players instead of the Girouds or Chamakh's of the world. But.... even then a CL or PL title in the next 2 years is a long shot.

        The mere fact that Kroemke has not supported the team in these dark years with additional cash the way Chelsea and City or PSG were supported, confirms his lack of interest in the sports side of ownership, as also displayed by his other sports teams (in the same period he sold Cesc to Barca, he sold Carmelo to the Nicks).

        I would like an ambitious owner who cares about our tradition and who cares about winning the meaningful trophy's in football and I have no doubt this is not Kroenke.